happypatient2Volunteering to participate in a clinical trial is one of the ways people can contribute to helping themselves and others in the development of new medications. Participating in a clinical trial is all voluntary. People choose to participate in a trial for various reasons such as, desiring to help others by advancing medical science, current treatment not fully effective in relieving the symptoms of the condition or some may be just wanting to experience receiving an investigational medication prior to the medication being made available to the public.

All study related procedures such as exams, medical testing and investigational products are at no cost. Exams and test performed has proven to benefit our volunteers. Numerous times our physicians have discovered serious conditions previously gone unrecognized.

Everyday research uncovers new information about medical conditions and potential successful therapy. As a volunteer you are the most important line to the long chain of research and testing in the development of new medications.

For each clinical study there is specific inclusion and exclusion criteria that must be met which ensures that the investigational medication is tested in a specific patient population, as designated by the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the study. All of our participants are treated with respect, beneficence and with justice which are the cornerstones for the ethical treatment of human subjects in research The first step is to contact us to discuss the specifics of a study. As one our patients you will have a unique opportunity – you will be provided a relaxed atmosphere, gain access to a treatment being studied which is otherwise unavailable, and help others in the future by participating in medical research.

Through clinical trials with human volunteers, doctors may find new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control and teat illnesses in the future.