Chattanooga Medical Research (CMR) performs clinical trials to help advance medicine and improve lives

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Type II Diabetes
Type II Diabetes with Weight Loss
Nocturia (Frequent Night Time Urination)
Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
IBS Constipation
Secondary Amenorrhea

Pap Smear
Uterine Fibroid
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS
Birth Control
Type II Diabetes (injection)

CMR is a privately owned multi-specialty clinical research facility. Our research team consist of a group of Board Certified OB-GYN and Internal Medicine Investigators, Physician Assistant, ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinators, Quality Assurance Specialist (ACRP Certified) and Data Entry Specialist.

Our facility conducts Phase II-IV clinical trials. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in the quality of science, providing the best possible research experience for sick and healthy subjects alike and enforcing the highest standards of biomedical ethics for the conduct of research.

Our center is a well known research center in the local community, surrounding areas and the pharmaceutical industry, due to its reputation for having extensively trained employees who are highly dedicated and devoted in providing the highest standards of patient care at all times. Our entire clinical team is committed to producing highly effective and efficient data in an effort to facilitate FDA approval and bring new treatment options to the market.

In addition, due to the underrepresentation of minorities in clinical trials, CMR has taken the approach to increase enrollment of the diverse populations in our community. More diverse representation in trials is needed to gain insight that will make medicines most effective for all that may have a need for them.

Chattanooga Medical Research LLC, offers a full research infrastructure including:

Training in the clinical trials industry and FDA regulations for clinical trial staff
Prompt turn-around of regulatory documents, contract and budgets
Subject recruitment plan and execution
Computerized software for daily tracking of patient activity
Remote and internet accessibility
Standard Operating Procedures for clinical trial management
QA audit tools and procedures for FDA compliance

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